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Reliability and quality play a decisive role in the construction of heavy-duty structural steel components. Bilfinger MCE Slany ensures all this by resorting to time-tested methods, up-to-date manufacturing technology and qualified expert staff. It offers steel construction services for people and the environment.

Bilfinger MCE Slany is a specialist in the processing of medium-sized and thick steel plates and holds all the permits and certificates required by the federal departments responsible for railways and highways in Central Europe.

We are personally committed to meeting the demands, requirements and expectations of our customers.

Scope of products and services offered by Bilfinger MCE Slany: 


Igor Chorovský

Managing Director (Speaker)
Bilfinger MCE Slany s.r.o.
27401 Slany, Netovická 538,
P.O. Box 35
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 312 510 104
Fax: +420 312 510-145